Chocolate Drops
Chocolate Drops

Chocolate Drops


This image is from my blog post for The Colossal Healthy Chocolate Bar. After rolling all the bars in melted chocolate, I let them drip from the rack onto a piece of parchment paper. When I lifted the rack up, I was completely surprised and struck by the abstract beauty of the pattern the chocolate had made. After one of the readers commented that these photos were some of her favourites from the site, I knew I had to try printing one.

What do you get when you buy this poster?
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A note on size:
Small / medium: You can print as small as you like, and up to A3 / 11”x 17” (medium poster size).

Large / extra large: You can print as small as you like, and up to A0 / 34” x 44” (in other words, huge!).